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Funnel in Surgery

Best way to deliver implant.

Guerra Plastic Surgery Center uses the Keller Funnel® to give our patients the best implant delivery system on the market. Rest assured that our extensive plastic surgery experience will lead to you having an amazing result!

Keller Funnel® photo courtesy of Keller Medical, Inc.

Keller Funnel® photo courtesy of Keller Medical, Inc.

Why do you recommend a Keller Funnel® for silicone breast implant surgery?

There are many advantages to the Keller Funnel® when silicone breast implants are placed. It allows for a smaller incision, a true, no touch delivery, and less trauma to the breast implants and breast during the surgery. Before the Keller Funnel®, the plastic surgeon would have to use their fingers to push the breast implant into the pocket. Each finger would create a high pressure point and possibly weaken the implant shell. Over time, this could eventually lead to an implant leak. All of this can be easily avoided by use of the Keller Funnel® which typically results in less discomfort and a faster recovery for many patients.

Will the Keller Funnel® help with the size of my incision?

When used by one of the many experienced and well-trained top plastic surgeons in Arizona, the Keller Funnel® will reduce the length of the incision when placing silicone breast implants. It delivers the breast implants with a no touch technique, reduces trauma to the breast tissue and the breast implant, and reduces the patient’s length of time under anesthesia.

Dr. Aldo Guerra is Keller Funnel Certified
  • Reduces incision length.
  • No-touch technique.
  • Limits local stress on implant shell.
  • Lessens trauma to patient tissue.
  • Decreases surgery time.

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We use the Keller Funnel® in all of our silicone breast implant cases.

We use the Keller Funnel® in all of our silicone breast implant cases.

How do you use the Keller Funnel® in surgery?

The Keller Funnel® is a simple surgical device. It is also very easy to use. When the device is ready for use it is trimmed to reflect the size of the breast implant. On the outside, there is a pre-marked ruler that shows the surgeon where to trim the funnel to the desired size. The funnel is then placed for a few minutes in saline solution which activates the special lubricant on the inner lining.

At this point, the funnel is ready to use. The small end is placed inside the breast pocket while the breast implant goes in the large end. A gentle squeeze will cause the implant to slide towards the breast pocket. Using only mild pressure, the gel implant is propelled into the breast pocket without touching skin or breast tissue. Then the incision is closed.

What is the Keller Funnel®?

The Keller Funnel® is a surgical device which assists the surgeon in placing silicone breast implants efficiently and safely. The funnel is sterile and is only for one operation. It cannot be reused.

Dr. Aldo highly recommends the Keller Funnel®.

Keller Funnel® photo courtesy of Keller Medical, Inc.

Keller Funnel® photo courtesy of Keller Medical, Inc.

Do you think it’s important for a surgeon to use the latest technology like the Keller Funnel®?

Physicians who care about providing the best care for their patients believe in using the most advanced techniques to improve patient outcomes and evidence-based medicine to deliver improved results. We use cutting edge technology when evidence supports these theories that lower the risks of surgery and increase patient satisfaction. The Keller Funnel®, the On-Q® PainBuster® pain reducing pump, and many other advanced therapies help to distinguish us from other plastic surgery practices.

Dr. Aldo uses the Keller Funnel® in all silicone breast augmentations.

Dr. Aldo uses the Keller Funnel® in all silicone breast augmentations.

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